The Future of Live Fire Target Systems is here!


The Apex Target System utilize a combination of cutting edge electronics, wireless integration, and a mobile device app that produce a more realistic training environment that can be utilized with a variety of different weapon systems and types of ammunition.

The patented Apex Target System can be easily programmed on a mobile device to control interactive target scenarios. Key data from the engagement sequence is recorded and analyzed, allowing the shooter performance to be scored and / or evaluated. All while being available in real time on the observer’s mobile devices.

The system allows multiple shooters to participate in a scenario at the same time. As each shooter engages targets, the system knows who shot where – when. Different shooters bullet impacts show up as different colors on the rendering of the target, appearing on the tablet or smart phone.

System Uses


In an engagement, milliseconds count. Training takes over and a soldier reacts the way they have been trained. The better the training, the better the reaction. The Apex Target System can improve that reaction time and provide More Realism in a Training Environment, Better Assessment of Skills, Instant Feedback in a Tactical Situation while providing Extensive Qualification Details.

The system is an unbiased Certification of Competency at a much deeper level than conventional methods while providing Records of Competency Over Time. Deficiencies are easily identified so that targeted corrections can be administered. The soldier doesn’t just know they need to do better, they know exactly what they need to do better.

Law enforcement

Law Enforcement personnel must make split second decisions that can have deadly outcomes. When a decision is made in the heat of the moment; it can have a major impact on the person being engaged, the officer, the community and the municipality.

The Apex Target System helps provide skills that the officer can use while making decisions under stress. By providing more Realistic Training Scenarios and effectively assessing their skill set, the Officers level of competency can be ascertained. The System give Extensive Unbiased Qualification Details for that assessment and helps the officer acquire a much better skill set. The System also provides Official Records of Competency.


Recreational shooters test their skill in a variety of matches that simulate different types of real life scenarios. In these competitions, the firing line must be cleared after each shooter, so the group of shooters can go downrange and score the shot impacts on the targets and paste the holes for the next shooter. This takes an exorbitant amount of time.

With the Apex Target System all scoring is done automatically, which eliminates the need to clear the firing line and go down range. Making the matches safer and much quicker. As an added bonus, all scoring is unbiased and the same for every shooter.


Recreational shooting enthusiast can use the Apex Target System to easily get feedback on how they are shooting. The system provides the information that can be used to improve their skills. With instant feedback, and the elimination of going down range to see where the shots impacted the target; shooting becomes more effective, less time consuming, more proficient, and safer.

The system is exceptionally suited to long range shooters as well. Targets connect through each other, so that targets can be placed every 300 yards out to very long distances, exceeding a mile. The portable system can be set up in an unlimited array of configurations and scenarios.


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