The System

What the Apex Target System Is:

Apex Target Systems is an organization dedicated to Changing the Way Firearms Training, Competitive Shooting, and Recreational Shooting is done. Making it Safer, more Effective and more Realistic. Using Data to Improve Performance and Document Effectiveness. With all data and analytics available immediately or long term.

What Makes It Different than
Anything Else on the Market?

Shot Accuracy on the App Display

Automatic Scoring
Multiple Shooters at One Time
No Pasting Targets
Level of Shooter Information / Stats

System Uses

Military Training

The Apex Target System gives troops the training advantages that can transfer into real life engagements. The system is designed to provide More Realism in a Training Environment, Better Assessment of Skills, Instant Feedback in a Tactical 10 of 22 Situation, Extensive Qualification Details, a System to Certify Competency in an Unbiased manner, and provide Records of Competency Over Time / Training. This can be done for individuals or entire squads. Not only can individual performances be gaged, but squad dynamics can also be evaluated – with instant feedback to make a soldier or squad’s techniques better and more effective.

Law enforcement training

Often, because of budgetary and time constraints, Law Enforcement personnel have very little time live fire training for a scenario where a weapon is involved. Their qualification and training normally centers around static paper or cardboard targets. In the heat of an engagement, they rarely have an ingrained training background to fall back on.

The Apex Target Systems helps bridge that training gap. Training is more effective, quicker, more dynamic, safer, and more focused on deficiencies. In such a litigious society that we find ourselves in today, this system provides an unbiased record of proficiency to protect both the officer and the municipality.

Civilian Competitions

Civilian Competitions are very popular in the United States. The spirit of competition, while experiencing the rush of moving through a scenario, has a large appeal with many firearms enthusiasts. Most of these sequences, where the person moving through the simulated situation, involve targets that are comprised of cardboard and occasional steel targets. These competitions are very time consuming, as the firing line must be cleared between shooters. Once the target bay is clear, the targets that have holes in them are scored visually and an adhesive “paster” is placed over the bullet holes.

With the Apex Target System, the targets are dynamic (move), there is no need to go downrange to cover the holes in the target – so it is safer, and reduces the time necessary to complete the competition by 2/3rds . Events that once took 6 hours can be completed in 2 hours. All scoring is automatic and the system ranks the individuals in order of their scores.